hey im iggy! im 15 and i like animal crossing




my assthetic


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rainy day.


hi cuties!! so since I’ve reached an amazing amount of followers and love autumn so much I want to share my love with you all by giving away these 3 super cute oversized sweaters!!


  • must be allowed to give out personal address
  • mbf boyx (I will check)
  • reblogs only, likes for bookmarks
  • don’t delete this caption

what you’ll get (left to right)

  • Starburst Discontinued JJ Cochran Vintage Cosby Sweater (oversized M)
  • CPO Provisions Sweater (XL) (fits similar to a very short dress, cute with tights)
  • IZOD Sweater (oversized L)

the total value of these is ~$140 and I never wear them, someone else could put them to better use than I could. also note that the winner can pick what they want, if you don’t want all 3 I’ll randomly pick another person to give away the other one/ones to. I will send an ask to the winner, respond within 48 hours with address or i will pick another person.

WINNER WILL BE CHOSEN OCTOBER 5TH, A SUNDAY. I will ship anywhere in the world so anyone is eligible to participate. giveaway blogs will be ignored. I may extend the length by up to a week if this manages to get a lot of notes. reblog multiple times for a higher chance

that is about it!! feel free to ask me any questions regarding these sweaters, I’d be more than happy to answer!!